Class Booking and Cancellation

預約/ 取消課堂


  • New students need to register a momoyoga account at, for which they can book and cancel through momoyoga mobile app or website at any time later.

  • To book and cancel, simply download "Momoyoga" on App Store/ Android Market, or go to , and login with your registered email.

  • Please reserve your class at least one hour in advance via on momoyoga app or website before the class start.

  • A cancellation has to be made 12 hours before class on momoyoga app. Late cancel and no show will deduct 1 class from package. If a student is sick with a doctor documentation, we will treat as exceptional case.

  • No booking is allowed if all class credits are used. Please notify us for buying a new package. We will add credits to your account within 24 hours once payment is received. 

  • 新同學請到 註冊 momoyoga 戶口,之後可於任何時間透過momoyoga 手機應用程式或於網上預約或取消課堂。

  • 預約或取消課堂只需在App Store 或 Android Market 下載 "momoyoga" 手機程式,或到,以註冊時的電郵登入即可。

  • 課堂可於最遲開課前一小時到momoyoga 手機程式或透過網站預約。

  • 如需取消已預約之課堂,請於課堂開始前12小時到momoyoga 手機程式或到網站取消,任何遲取消或缺席都會扣除1堂。若學生因生病並提供醫生紙,我們將特別處理,免扣堂數。

  • 如堂數已用完,將不能預約課堂。請通知我們並購入新package,堂數將於收到款項後24小時內加入戶口。

Studio Guideline



  1.  Please arrive 5-10 minutes before class starts. All classes start on time. Doors will be locked 5 minutes after class starts and opened again after class finishes in order to have a quiet class environment.  

  2. Please switch off your mobile phone or switch it to silent mode. No phones are allowed in the practice area.

  3. To maintain the classroom clean, no eating is allowed in the studio and please help to clean the mat after class.

  4. Any packages, workshops, special classes/events and outdoor classes paid are non-refundable and non-cancellable.

  5. Yoga Story reserve the right of changing instructors due to internal operational reasons without any prior notice.

  6. Yoga Story reserve the right of cancelling regular group classes due to internal operational reasons or other inclement weather.

  7. Yoga Story reserve the right of cancelling classes, workshops, special outdoor events and classes due to not meeting the minimum sign up rates.

  8. Please do not leave your personal belongings in studio overnight and Yoga Story does not hold responsibility for any loss and damage of personal belongings.

  1. 請在上課前5-10分鐘到達。所有課堂都會準時開課。教室將在課堂開始後10分鐘鎖門,讓同學在寧靜的環境下進行瑜伽練習。

  2. 請把手機關上或調較至靜音進入教室內,以免造成滋擾。

  3. 請勿在教室進食, 及於下課後幫忙清潔墊子,保持教室清潔。

  4. 任何套票, 研討會,特別課堂/活動和戶外課堂均不予退款及取消。

  5. Yoga Story 保留在不事先通知的情況下因內部運營原因更換教師的權利。

  6. Yoga Story 保留因內部運營原因或惡劣天氣取消課堂的權利。

  7. Yoga Story 保留因參加者未達最小參與率原因取消課堂、研討會、特別課堂/活動和戶外課堂的權利。

  8. 請不要將你的個人物品留在教室內,Yoga Story 對個人物品的任何損失和損壞不承擔任何責任。  

Inclement Weather Arrangement 



  •  If Typhoon Signal No. 8 or above/Black Rainstorm Warning Signal is/will be in force, classes will be cancelled immediately without deducting the package.

  • During inclement weather, please pay attention to Yoga Story’s Instagram or Facebook for the updated arrangement.

  • 當天文台宣佈在未來數小時內將改掛八號或更高風球,或將會發出黑色暴雨警告訊號, 在此期間,Yoga Story 的課堂將會全部取消。課堂不會被扣除。​

  • 惡劣天氣期間,請留意Yoga Story Instgram及facebook專頁有關惡劣天氣的安排。 

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