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Everyone starts yoga for a reason, no matter what it is, that's how a yoga story begins. Let's practice and make yours an endless story.

YOGA STORY is a boutique yoga studio in the heart of Wan Chai, providing group, private group and private yoga classes. Small class size allows us to take care every student, as our goal is to help your mind and body connect, balancing your health holistically. You’ll be filled with pure gratitude and relaxation while elevating your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.



YOGA STORY 是一所位於灣仔的瑜伽教室,提供瑜伽小組班、私人小組班或私人瑜伽班。小班教學讓我們能照顧每位學生,把身心靈連繫,找回生活中應有的平衡,透過瑜伽練習得到最全面的健康。與我們開始你的瑜伽故事吧!



Stephanie Chan

Stephanie suffered from asthma when she's young, which prevented her from being active in the entire school life. After graduated, she worked in the fast moving and result-oriented marketing industry. The long working hours and pressure tensed her mind and body. Not until one day, her frozen shoulder was so in pain that forced her to pause and slow down, she realized she should do something.  

Stephanie decided to try yoga and soon fell in love, as she never felt so peaceful, free and strong before. Out of curiosity, she took her first yoga teacher training in 2016 under the guidance of Indian master Yogananth Andiappan.  

Stephanie believes if she can rebuild mental and physical strength by yoga, so can everyone else. With a humble heart, she aims to spread the love of yoga, bringing her student's body and mind back to balance.

Stephanie 陳鈳昕小時候因哮喘而不能上運動課,從小就體弱多病。大學畢業後從事追求速度和結果的市場推廣工作,長期加班令她身心緊張。直到一天她的五十肩痛得令她不能動,生活被迫慢下來後,她意識到需要正視問題。


Stephanie 決定嘗試瑜伽,結果一試愛上,因身心從未感覺到如此的平靜、自由和強壯。好奇心驅使下,她於2016年跟隨印度大師Yogananth Andiappan完成了美國瑜伽聯盟200小時師資認證, 成為瑜伽導師。


由零運動到變主動,Stephanie 深深體驗到瑜伽把她帶回生活正軌,讓身心變得健康強壯。她深信其他人都一樣可以,因此致力分享瑜伽,帶動學生以正確的態度和安全的方法去練習,連接身心,感受當下的自己。

Yoga Story Yoga Studio Hong Kong May 201
Gube Pun
Carmen Lam Yoga Story Hong Kong.jpg
Carmen Lam

Carmen 很重視內外平衡的練習,她的修習重心是把瑜伽科學融合於現代生活中。




「不僅身體需要保持最佳使用狀態,我們還需要保持穩定而清徹的頭腦面對着生活多變的大小事。在我不同的課堂中,都會帶給練習者內外平衡、陰陽融和的體驗,學習真正 Mind & Body 的相互影響關係。」

Gube graduated from Business administration degree, as an office lady for years. In 2013, she attended her first yoga lesson to release her back pain and she fell in love with yoga, which gradually led her to complete her 200-hour teacher training under Indian master Yogananth Andiappan. She is always cheerful and patient, enjoys sharing her passions with others, aspiring to yoga, wellness, save the planet and dive. 


Gube focuses on exploring the structural body and physical alignment of asanas. She is good at deepen a pose by the usage of different yoga props and hands-on adjustment. Other than that, she always reminds her students to activate their muscles, especially the core. In order to equip her classes with a more systematic training on core, Gube is also a certified Pilates teacher.

Gube工商管理學位畢業,從事文職多年。2013年她開始接觸瑜伽藉以舒緩腰酸背痛,於是漸漸熱忱於瑜伽,其後跟隨印度大師Yogananth Andiappan完成了美國瑜伽聯盟200小時師資認證, 成為瑜伽導師。她開朗和有耐性的性格讓她熱衷與任何人分享瑜伽, 健康,環保及潛水。

Gube 集中研究身體結構及式子的到位, 讓學生認識自己身體。她的課堂除了會以不同的瑜伽工具及親手輔助學生進入更深的式子外, 還經常提醒學生如何啟動不同肌肉, 特別是核心,。為讓課堂更有系統訓練核心,她是一位普拉提認証教練。

Our Classes

We offer a wide range of yoga classes to bring you a healthy mind, body and soul. Classes include Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin Yang, Core, Aroma Yoga Stretch, Prenatal Yoga and more. Props and tools such as singing bowl, yoga wheel and foam roller are combined in some classes to make a practice more accessible and effective. 

我們提供不同種類的瑜伽課堂,為你帶來健康的身心靈練習。課堂包括哈達(Hatha)、流動瑜伽 (Vinyasa)、陰陽瑜伽 (Yin Yang)、瑜伽伸展 (Yoga Stretch)、瑜伽治療 (Yoga Therapy) 、私人瑜伽 (Private Yoga) 及其他。配合不同工具的應用如頌缽、瑜伽輪、瑜伽磚,使同學更易投入練習,得到更佳效果。


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We offer yoga and sound bath classes. We also offer one-on-one private, corporate and team building activities etc. Contact us for more.


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