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How to purchase 購買方式

1. Pick a package option and pay by one of the following methods


  • FPS 轉數快: 92982875

  • PayMe : (Please use the link 請使用此連結)

  • HSBC 滙豐: 741-498133-838

2. Message us at WhatsApp / Signal 9298 2875 with the following info

連同以下資料,透過 WhatsApp/ Signal 9298 2875 通知我們

  • Payment screenshot 成功付款截圖

  • Package option that you picked 購買之套票選項

3. We will add credits into your account within 24 hours


You can also purchase in the app directly by credit cards, PayPal, FPS or Bank Transfer. Please note if you pay by FPS/ Bank Transfer, you will need to enter the transaction number/ reference number. 

你亦可以透過OmceanBooking 應用程式中以信用咭、PayPal、轉數快或銀行轉帳直接選購套票。請注意如果你以FPS/ 銀行過數付款,你需要輸入轉款的交易號碼/參考號碼。

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