We offer a wide range of yoga classes to bring you a healthy mind, body and soul. With small class size of 8 (6 for prentatal yoga),each student will be taken care and practice under a safe environment.


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Hatha Yoga 哈達瑜伽

A traditional practice focused on connecting the body and mind with the purpose of increasing awareness and stability, preparing the body for deeper spiritual practices such as meditation. Some pranayama, chanting and meditation may be included.


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Wheel Yoga 輪瑜伽

Designed to open up areas that are typically tight due to modern-day living – the yoga wheel expands the chest and shoulders, stretches the hip flexors and rejuvenates the spine. A yoga wheel can also be used for core training and other strengthening purpose. Some pranayama, chanting and meditation may be included.

This class is not suitable for students with spine injuries.




Prenatal Yoga 孕婦瑜伽

This class is designed to meet the needs of pregnant women and allow them to connect with their babies and their bodies. Specific postures will be included to stretch and strengthen specific muscle groups, nourishing the bodies as a whole. Some pranayama, chanting and meditation may be included.

Permission from a physician is recommended for this class.




Yin Yang 陰陽瑜伽

The class combines with strengthening practice (yang) and soft stretching (yin). Students will experience both, an invigorating practice combined with long held deep stretches to cultivate a focused and meditative mind. By experiencing the contrast, students will be able to understand their body, balancing the body and mind.

課堂結合了(陽) 鍛鍊力量和 (陰) 放鬆伸展這兩種元素,既能提升心肺功能及新陳代謝,也能釋放內外的繃緊,培養平靜專注。透過這課堂,同學能感受到陰與陽的兩種對比,藉著練習了解身體,讓身心得到平衡。

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Yin with Singing Bowls​ 西藏頌缽陰瑜伽

Combining sound therapy derived from Tibetan Singing Bowls with passive deep stretching (yin) , class will end with a long shavasana (15-20 mins) with singing bowl sound bath to produce a resonance for the body and mind.


Singing bowls used in class are full moon set hand picked by Master Shree K. Shahi in Nepal, which are specifically crafted to produce a resonance that is not only heard, but also felt. 

Suitable for anyone seeking to alleviate the strains of a busy and stressful lifestyle.

結合西藏頌缽音療及深層伸展(陰瑜伽),課堂將以長長的大休息配合頌缽聲浴作完結 (15-20分鐘),讓身心得到共鳴,回到平靜。本課堂的七聲滿月頌缽由尼泊爾音療大師 Master Shree K. Shahi 所親自挑選。製造的共鳴不只能被肉耳聽見,也能讓身心有所感受。


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Hatha Basics 哈達基礎瑜伽

A few asanas will be taught in the class to build the foundation in different aspects of Hatha Yoga. Suitable for beginners/ student with no experience.

Class include:

- Breathing control

- Body Coordination

- Alignment Basic



適合初學者 / 沒有瑜伽經驗人仕。



- 呼吸調節 

- 肢體協調 

- 基本順位 


Yoga Strength 瑜伽力量鍛練

The class focuses on yoga postures for body strength to improve the internal support and stability of the body. 




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Detox Yoga 排毒瑜伽

Focusing on postures and breathing exercises with the purpose of aiding the detoxification of the body. Students will experience sequences of poses including twists, bends, core work and stretches that massage the digestive organs. 





Morning Flow 早晨流瑜伽

In this class, we will take a mindful approach to our physical movements. By combining breath awareness with movement, we practice settling our busy mind and move with full awareness, breath with full awareness. This class will be like a movement meditation, refreshing our mind for the day.



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Yoga Stretch 瑜伽伸展

This class focuses on opening the body and soothing the mind through gentle poses and the use of props. Students will experience more seated and supine postures and some longer asana holds. Some pranayama, chanting and meditation may be included.